Stay Safe with Ripple

The ultimate peace-of-mind for you and your loved ones. When you need help in an emergency, forget about fumbling for your phone, dialing numbers, and explaining your problem to somebody. That's what getting help USED to look like. With Ripple, just click and we do all the work!

How it Works

When you click your Ripple Button, the alert generates your personal profile for the Ripple Monitoring Team. They now have all the vital information that First Responders need to send help, saving you invaluable time during an emergency.

Mobile App

Ripple connects via Bluetooth to our app on your smartphone. Build out your personal profile with all of the information you choose to share with the Ripple Monitoring Team. Now, you no longer have to verbally communicate your need for help when you have an emergency. With Ripple, we do all the work for you!

"As a father, and as a husband, my loved ones’ safety is crucial to my peace-of-mind and I consider it a personal responsibility. Knowing that Ripple is here for them, even when I can't be, has enabled a less worrisome day-to-day experience for me and my family."

"As a real estate agent, I am regularly meeting with prospective clients, who are total strangers, in empty houses. Ripple enables me to do my job more effectively with a new sense of security – I feel empowered knowing I have someone available 24/7/365 to get me help if I need it."

"I would always be calling friends or family during my walks home in the late afternoon/night just to have someone there to make me feel secure in the event that something was to happen. Ripple has filled this void. No more going through my contacts to see who may be awake or available to be on the phone with me until I feel secure. Ripple makes me feel safe because they know who and where I am at that exact moment I signal for help."

"My kids bike to/from school. This was a daily source of stress for me. I always ask them to text me when they have arrived safe to class. Ripple has provided new found relief for me. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders knowing my children and I can count on Ripple to be there when I can’t."


Water resistant, small, discreet device that can easily be attached to any piece of clothing. Whether this be a belt loop, shirt button, or purse strap, it's up to you!


Simple to use app.


One click of the device directs you to a 24/7 monitoring team to assist you in any situation. 3+ clicks will contact the emergency response of your choosing.


The Ripple battery lasts up to 6 months without charging. When your device dies, simply send it back to us and we will replace it at no cost to you.


Ripple uses your phone's GPS location when communicating with our monitoring team.


The Ripple Button connects via Bluetooth to our app on your smartphone. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android.